18 February 2015

Playing around with JavaFx inside Oracle Forms

Sometime ago someone asked me some questions about the Enhanced java bean. That java bean was based on the JDIC (java desktop integration component) of sun. The project of  jdic hasn't been updated for quite some time. So the java bean is getting harder to use.

So I was searching for a different solution, when I stumbled on JavaFX. I now have the following results:

This a JavaFX browser inside Oracle Forms. It now displays a hard code webpage (google.nl) but inside the search window I could easily navigate to oracle.com. So the component still needs some enhancement before it will be available.

The difference between this component and the enhanced html browser is that this component only displays html content. So you can't open a PDF document with this solution.

Another component I tried was the PieChart
This component shows a hard coded piechart. I tried this hardcoded first just to see if it was possible. I now will have to change it, so arguments can passed to it.

Note! Since JavaFX is available in jre 7 it will not be available for the older Oracle Forms components/ I've been testing with Oracle Forms 11gR2  and a java runtime 1.7, In older versions you will get an error message that the components used are from a newer version.


  1. oracle forms 11g comes with JDK 1.6 ( on the server oracle_home ) which can not be updated to 1.7 as per oracle.
    how you managed to do that? or do you mean jre on the client PC ?

  2. The pluggable java components run on the client side. So I mean the jre at the client side.

  3. Hi Mark

    I have the same concern around the JDIC from Sun. Do you have a sample app for this solution.


  4. The Form PJC Examples are available at my Github account. https://github.com/mark-oradev/FormsPJC