24 February 2015

Created the first version of the JavaFX Browser inside Oracle Forms

I created the first version of the JavaFX browser inside Oracle Forms.

I created a Form with two java beans components. I added the JavaFX browser with a socket server to one component and I added a socket client to the other component. With the socket server I made it possible to communicate to the java browser.


  1. Hi Mark
    Your link does not work. Could you correct it?
    Thank you!

  2. I moved most of my Forms PJC examples to GitHub. The examples and the Oracle JDeveloper projects can now be found at: https://github.com/mark-oradev/FormsPJC

    1. hello, I want to use this JavaBean. I entered on your Github page, in the folder jfx but there is no .jar. Can you put it please?
      I also downloaded the project and have opened with JDeveloper (Version and I have compiled, but it does not work.
      I have also tried to create a new project, and copy jfx.java and jtcp.java classes, but neither I managed to make it work, the JavaBean executes but gives an error of "connection refused" and does not show anything on the screen.

      Can you help me please? Thank you

    2. Hello, the java class has a main class. So you can run the bean from within JDeveloper. If that works you can deploy it to your forms environment. There is a deploy file, so I should help creating the jfx.jar. And don't forget to sign the jars before deploying to your Forms environment.
      Also there is a jfx.md file with instructions of the project. I have to rebuild my development environment first, since it has been a while since I created this example. So I don't have a jar ready for deployment on github.

      Regards, Mark

  3. hello Mark
    i need to add Rich Editor in my form 11G
    how can ??
    thank you

  4. Hi, Oracle Forms can be enhanced with Pluggable Java Components. Examples can be found on my github. Regards, Mark