20 April 2017

Oracle RENO

Oracle RENO

E = Express
N = Node.js
O = (Node)OracleDB

I've read an article about an REST Api with Node.js and Node-OracleDB at the website of Amis and at the website of Sivakumar Balagopalan.

This inspired me to write a application on the employee table inside the HR schema. The url http://machine:3000/employees fetches all rows in the employees table.

 The url http://machine:3000/employees/200 fetches the employee with employee_id 200 from the employees table.

I implemented the following:

POST /employees Create a new employee
GET /employees Read all the employees
GET /employees/:employee_idRead the employee with the given employee_id
PUT /employees/:employee_id Update the employee
DELETE /employees/:employee_id Delete the employee                         

Now I'm able to show the result inside an Oracle JET application:

28 March 2015

Moved Forms PJC examples to GitHub

I moved my Forms PJC examples to GitHub. The examples and the Oracle JDeveloper projects can now be found at: https://github.com/mark-oradev/FormsPJC